The Fort Report: A Winning Road Trip

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants, the Pacers’ D-League affiliate had a successful road trip last week, winning two of three games. Fort Wayne has become 17-10 in the season, which sets all of them in 2nd invest the Central Division. The Mad Ants own the third-best record …
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Albuquerque New Mexico Airport Hotels and Motels

Albuquerque New Mexico Airport Hotels and Motels

About 5 minutes away from the airport is a clean and relaxing motel offering rooms for only US$ 40 a night. Motel 6 is conveniently located at University Boulevard next to Interstate 25. All rooms at Motel 6 are equipped with a TV having free expanded cable, a phone line with free local calls and plenty of bathroom amenities. Guests can also enjoy and make use of their outdoor pool, wireless Internet, laundry mat and pet-friendly atmosphere during their stay.

For reservations for this Albuquerque motel near the airport, you may contact telephone numbers (505) 843-9228 and (505) 842-1757.

Sleep Inn Albuquerque Airport

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At US$ 60 per night, Sleep Inn Albuquerque Airport can provide you with comfortable rooms, filling breakfast and usage of their indoor heated pool, hot tub as well as fitness center. Their guests can enjoy a complimentary hotel-to-airport shuttle service between 5 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock in the evening. In addition to these amenities, Sleep Inn has a laundry mat, pet-friendly atmosphere and access to hi-speed Internet. However, Sleep Inn requires an earlier check-out time as compared to other hotels. Guests are requested to be checked-out by 11 o’clock in the morning.

Located next to Interstate 25, it is near the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Sports Complex and the Kirtland Air Force Base. There are also a number of eating establishments near the hotel and the airport. It is also near the bus route where guests can make use of the Rapid Ride Line to visit the city’s downtown and convention center area.

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Business travelers can also avail of the use of their business center, meeting rooms and room services. For reservations, you may contact telephone numbers (505) 244-3325 and (505) 244-3312.

Comfort Inn Airport Albuquerque

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Located near the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport, Comfort Inn is able to provide its guests with great service at an affordable price. Their rate can start as low as US$ 70 per night and room rentals come with free continental breakfast, hotel-to-airport transfer, access to wireless and wired high-speed Internet access. This is a pet-friendly hotel with several entertainment facilities such as an outdoor hot tub and pool, cable TV and Nintendo Game System. Other facilities include truck and car parking, valet cleaning service, pay-per-view movies, in-room air conditioning and coffee maker.

Comfort Inn is found at Yale Boulevard SE and is near various areas of interest in Albuquerque. It is a few minutes from the Sandia Casino, ABQ Shopping Center, Old Town Museum, Golf courses, Journal Pavilion and the Balloon Fiesta Park. Business travelers can avail of their copy and fax services, voice mail and multiple phone lines at Comfort Inn.

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For reservations, you may contact telephone numbers (505) 243-2244 and (505) 247-2925.

Ramada Limited Albuquerque

Ramada LTD has an easy on-off access to Interstate 25 and to the International Airport. Room rental includes a continental breakfast, access to wireless hi-speed Internet, luxurious indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, RV or Truck parking and laundry services. For approximately US$ 75 per night, guests are only a short walk away from the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park and a couple of minutes away from the Sandia Casino and Golf Club, the international airport as well as a wide variety of clubs and restaurants located on Interstate 25.

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Ramada prides itself for their newly updated rooms that feature Ramada Citrus Ginger bath, shower curtains, artistically designed curtain rods and Meon Revolution shower heads thereby providing their guests with stimulating bath experiences.

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Ramada Limited is a pet-friendly facility and is also accessible for wheelchair users. They also provide meeting rooms and business centers for on-the-road businessmen. For reservations, you may contact telephone number (505) 858-3297.

For more information on Albuquerque Budget Hotels and Albuquerque Airport Hotels please visit our website.

Mazda Will Set up A New Factory in Mexico

Mazda Will Set up A New Factory in Mexico

According to the report of Routers, informed source claims that the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda Motor Corp will announce to set up a new factory in Mexico on June 17, 2011. The factory is located in the middle part of Mexico, Guanajuato.
It is known that this factory is the fourth foreign automobile assembly factory of Mazda Motor Corp. Prior to the establishment of this factory, this company has had three automobile assembly factories in America, China and Thailand. These three factories are joint ventures of Mazda Motor Corp and its largest share holder, American Ford Automobile Corporation.
This informed source who was not willing to reveal his name said that the new factory in Mexico will be under construction in this fall and undertake business operation in the second half of 2013. He declared that the Mazda Motor Corp has planned to manufacture compact cars in this factory. At the primary stage, the automobiles manufactured by this factory will be sold in Mexican and South American market and after that, the products will be exported to North American regions.
In addition, this informed source pointed out that Mazda Motor Corp would announce this plan on three o’clock in the afternoon of June 17, Friday. In the meantime, the company will also publicize the financial budget for the new financial year.
Another informed source said that the amount of this investment would reach millions of dollars. The Japanese Sumitomo Corporation will share this investment with Mazda Motor Corp. The automobile manufacturing productivity in the first year is estimated to be at least 50 thousand after the factory completes the construction.
The earthquake happened in March, Japan has imposed enormous influence on Japanese automobile industry. However, the headquarters of Mazda located in the Southern part of Japan, Mazda Motor Corp was not affected as much as other companies. What is noting worthy is that the component supplying situation was severely impacted by this earthquake. Currently, almost all the business sectors in Mazda Motor Corp are functioning normally. The shipment speed of some functional components will be slowed down in the coming several weeks and other accessories such as rubber sheets have been obtained from other channels.
Mazda’s announcement of setting up a new factory in Mexico will expand the market share of this company in automobile industry. Japanese automobile industry has been seriously damaged since the beginning of this year. The business expansionary policy of Mazda Motor Corp will infuse a new light of hope in to the gloomy automobile industry.

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Visiting New Mexico on Your Next Road Trip

Visiting New Mexico on Your Next Road Trip

The state of New Mexico has plenty to brag about in the natural attractions department. From its Rocky Mountain peaks and Chihuahuan Desert cacti, to awesome canyons, Rio Grande splendor and Great Plains, New Mexico absolutely earns the title “Land of Enchantment.”

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Capulin Volcano National Monument is in this state’s northeast corner, on the High Plains west of Des Moines. The monument’s showpiece is a 1,200-foot-tall, inactive volcanic cone accessible only by a narrow, two-mile roadway that curves all the way up to the cone’s rim. The panorama from the summit of the volcano’s cinder cone offers amazing views of four frontier states – New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.

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Capulin’s volcano, which is believed to have erupted about 60,000 years ago, blanketed nearly 16 square miles with its powerful surge of hot lava. Today, the sleeping volcano’s wooded slopes provide a home range for black bears, wild turkeys and mule deer, as well as a delightful display of New Mexican wildflowers. For guests who’d like to check out the volcano and environs on foot, there’s a short nature trail near Capulin’s Volcano Visitor Center, plus three hiking trails that follow the rim, base and vent of the crater.

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Central New Mexico is the site of the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic, and Historic Byway. Beginning at San Ysidro, this alternate auto route connects Albuquerque with Santa Fe and swings through the heart of the Jemez Mountains. What this remarkable trail showcases for travelers is the tranquil Santa Fe National Forest and loads of lovely sights past the authentic Pueblo of Jemez. Tourists on the byway trace the runs of the Jemez and Guadalupe Rivers, see the geologic wonders of “Red Rock” country, and encounter soaring mesas and steep canyons. The Jemez Mountain Trail presents nature walks, bike paths, hot springs and fishing streams as well as the enduring influences of New Mexico’s Native cultures.


Elephant Butte Lake State Park offers a 40-mile-long waterway in southwest New Mexico, just north of the town of Truth or Consequences. The “Land of Enchantment’s” biggest and most visited lake was created by a dam on the Rio Grande and was named for an elephant-shaped, dormant volcanic core that currently forms an island in the lake’s interior. Coincidentally, fossil evidence of primitive elephant ancestors called stegomastodons have since been unearthed on park grounds.

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Area rock formations also reveal that a number of dinosaur species, including the fearsome tyrannosaurus rex, once roamed and hunted this territory. Fortunately for modern-day guests, Elephant Butte is an all-season destination, boasting a year-round, mild climate and an ideal atmosphere for anglers, boaters, sailors and water skiers. And on land, there’s another appealing set of options. Picnic areas, nature exhibits and hiking trails are available to Elephant Butte’s visitors.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park preserves one of our planet’s foremost cave systems.

In the south central “Land of Enchantment” near Alamogordo at the northern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, White Sands National Monument is the biggest gypsum sand dune field in the world. The Tularosa Basin is a high desert valley surrounded by the San Andres and Sacramento Mountains. It’s a valley filled with 275 square miles of bright, white sand blown in by the desert’s prevailing southwest winds. There are a number of ways to explore the dazzling, white waves of gypsum grains at this monument. The Interdune Boardwalk is a fully accessible trail that transports guests to the top of one of the park’s sandy peaks.

A self-guided auto tour with markers at periodic points of interest takes tourists between the dunes for an insider’s perspective. Visitors, of course, have plenty of options for sightseeing, including travel the old-fashioned way and tramp up the white hills on foot. They’ll see sand-loving plants such as tumbleweed, prickly pear and rosemary mint. You might even encounter unique desert-dwellers like Apache pocket mice, darkling beetles, or bleached earless lizards. For those who prefer ranger-led activities, there are moonlight bike rides and tours of White Sands’ Lake Lucero.

In the southeast near the common New Mexican/Texan border in the Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns National Park preserves one of our planet’s foremost cave systems. Visitors at America’s oldest national park are introduced to a subterranean paradise of intricate, limestone formations that dazzle the eye and spark the imagination. Cavern tours at this World Heritage Site range in difficulty from easy, self-guided go rounds that are wheelchair-friendly to narrated, eight-story climbs, ladder descents, and challenging journeys through a three-dimensional maze cave that require advanced spelunking skills. Evening programs at the bat flight amphitheater are not to be missed.

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In and Around Santa Fe, New Mexico

In and Around Santa Fe, New Mexico

Visiting in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico opens up the eyes of each individual. Over four hundred years of culture and history, a walk on the streets of Santa Fe is a walk through time. Early settlers from the East found their way via the Santa Fe Trail. Today you can arrive via plane, train and auto. Be aware that the streets around the main plaza are very narrow. Out lying ones have the mechanical coin meters at $ 1.00 per hour. A commuter train runs frequently during the day from Belen through Albuquerque to Santa Fe. The bus transit system offers free rides to train ticket holders. The rate for seniors is only $ 0.50 or $ 1.00 all day. Remember this, flatlanders, when you walk around sightseeing. You are over 7,00 feet. Seeing Santa Fe takes your breath away in more ways than one.

Ask residents for “The Round House” and they will give you directions to the Capital building, a four-story circular building with a plaza in the form of the Zia Sun symbol, which also appears on the state flag. The three top floors are open for a self-guided tour. Check out the Visitor information desk on the main level and you might get lucky to meet Sarah Duran, a local resident with a font of knowledge. What she does not know, she will find out.

The Capital complex was dedicated in 1966. What is striking about the building is the use of space and the numerous art works hanging from all of the walls. The artists depict the many aspects of New Mexico: natural beauty, the beauty of the indigenous people, the Spanish colonialism, and modern New Mexico with all of its diversity.

The fourth floor houses the Offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The Governor’s Gallery, started in 19+73, focuses on local art and artists as an outreach branch of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The third floor has many offices of the 42 Senators elected every four years and 70 Representatives elected every two years. They have to be citizens and residents of their district. Besides that they do not receive a salary, only a per diem and a mileage allowance. They meet for 60 days in odd-numbered years and 30 days in even-numbered years. Albuquerque and its environs comprise almost one-quarter of the legislators, because the districts are measured by population. Eat your hearts out other states with inflated salaries for their legislators.

The second floor, the main floor, houses the galleries for the Senate and Representative chambers. Both are up-to-date with modern technical innovations. Both have the Great seal of New Mexico behind the front desk. The rotunda floor also depicts the seal. Little has changed since 1851. The American bald eagle shields the smaller Mexican eagle. The bald eagle grasps three arrows in its talons. The harpy eagle has a snake in its mouth and a cactus in his talons. This goes back to an ancient Aztec story, in which the gods told the Aztecs to settle where they saw such an eagle portrayed. Under them the state motto reads “Crescit Eundo” (It Grows as it Goes).

Sarah recommended a restaurant down the street called The Upper Crust Pizza Parlor, which was voted best in Santa Fe. For under $ 5.00 Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM you can get a large slice of pizza with one topping of your choice, a small salad, and a beverage. The pizza was delicious. I had spicy Thai dressing on my salad. It lived up to its name. The sodas we had were great. My wife chose a Way2Cool Root Beer, made in Carrizozo, NM. Outstanding!! I chose a Blue Sky Lemon Lime Soda, made with natural ingredients. Outstanding too!!

The restaurant is directly across from San Miguel Mission Church, which dates back to Spanish Colonial times and rebuilt after the 1680s Pueblo Revolt. The church is still active for the people who live in the Barrio de Analco.

Next to the restaurant stands a building which claims to be “the oldest house in the USA”. The house dates back to the Analco People in the 1200s, then Spanish Colonization in 1607. Today the property houses a gallery, which happened to be closed at that time.

Continue walking down the old Santa Fe Trail. It ends at La Fonda, a luxury hotel. It was part of the Harvey House Empire during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The hotel has been there since the early 1800s as reflected the hotel’s stated roots: “The Inn at the End of the Santa Fe Trail”. La Fonda, which means inn, faces the Plaza. Some of the famous residents of the hotel were Captain William Becknell, who arrived in 1821 after a successful trading expedition from Missouri to Santa Fe opening the Santa Fe Trail and Ernie Pyle, the World War II journalist.

Directly across the street from the La Fonda Hotel on the Santa Fe Trail stands Loretto Chapel. This Gothic chapel features “the miraculous staircase”. Legend states that St. Joseph came to the chapel and built it in one night. This stand-alone spiral wooden staircase has no supporting beams. The woodcarvings are intricate in design. Whoever built it was a master carpenter and wood carver. A visit to Loretto Chapel is worth a trip to Santa Fe by itself.

Surrounding the plaza are many specialty shops and a highly recommended restaurant, the Plaza Café, which has been in business for generations, serving local food at moderate prices. Thanks again to Sarah. Along the North side of the plaza is the Hall of Governors, closed on Mondays. Under the portico are numerous Natives selling their turquoise jewelry. They sit, waiting patiently for someone to show interest in their wares. Around the plaza are numerous food venders with local delicacies for sale.

Catty corner to the plaza is the Museum of Fine Arts with permanent and temporary exhibits. Between Palace and San Francisco Streets is Burro Alley. A bronze statue of a burdened burro guards the entrance to the alley. Next to it is Lensic Theater, in which concerts are held. On the wall of one of the buildings going back towards the Plaza along San Francisco Street stating that Billy the Kid was incarcerated there for a time awaiting trial and sentencing in Mesilla. At the East end of San Francisco Street is St. Francis Cathedral, which is surrounded by scaffolding for renovation.

Other interesting attractions in Santa Fe are the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, which features many of her works. Canyon Road has many galleries, exhibiting local artists. Going South along Cerrillos Street stands New Mexico School for the Deaf. They have a theater, in which plays are performed. North West of the city is the world famous Santa Fe Opera. Their season is in July and August at this beautiful venue set in the mountains.

Continue North on Rte 285 to Chimayo. Pilgrims have been making this trek since 1810 to The Santuario de Chimayo looking for physical and spiritual healing. Lourdes healing properties is from its water. Chimayo’s healing is from dirt found at the crucifix of Our Lord of Esquipulas. Pilgrims are instructed to rub the dirt on the parts of the body to be healed. The Church replaces to dirt, approximately twenty tons a year. The grounds are beautiful and a tributary of the Rio Grande River runs behind the property. The priest that the sanctuary is a member of the Sons of the Holy Family order. He is very friendly and personable.

The next destination is Bandelier National Monument high in the Jemez Mountains. The monument preserves to extensive ruins of the Pueblo People, who came into the region over 10,000 years ago. Adolph Bandelier traveled the area in 1880s and was shown the pueblo in the Frijoles Canyon by the natives. He wrote a novel, The Delight Makers, depicting Pueblo life before the Spanish incursion into the area. The park is named for him.

Archeological surveys record at least 3,00 sites in the Monument. An easy trail about one mile in length takes you to the Long House carved out of the volcanic rock on the cliff face. The Long House is an 800-foot stretch. Ladders lead inside the dwellings. On the cliff face are pictographs and petroglyphs, depicting faces and geometric designs. Many other ruins are below on the canyon floor.

The people were hunter-gatherers and farmers, planting corn, beans, squash and sunflowers. In the mid 1500s the people moved to different areas. The Pueblos of Cochiti, San Felipe, Santo Domingo, San Ildefonse, Santa Clara, and Zuni contribute to the preservation and interpretation of these historic sites.

All along Rte 4 you see signs that read LANL, keep out. The reason for this is Los Alamos is only a few miles away. Los Alamos was the home for The Manhattan Project during World War II. Today the major employer is the Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Laboratory is finding continuing uses for nuclear energy focusing on national security.

The town itself has all the amenities of a modern city with a wealthy employer. Visit the Bradbury Science Museum. It is not named for Ray, the famous science fiction author, but for Norris, the man who continued the work of the LANL after World War II.

The museum is a hands on experience about the discovery, use, misuse, and disposal of nuclear waste. Especially interesting are the movies. One tells the story of the town of Los Alamos called The Town that Never Was. The Manhattan Project was conceived in Manhattan, New York and enlisted scientists from many universities and private laboratories. Communication was marginal, if at all. The Government wanted a secret place far from either coast. Los Alamos was chosen. A private school for boys stood on the land. The government took it over and built the town. It looked more like a frontier town with muddy streets, prefab housing, and isolation. The mailing address was PO Box 1663, Santa Fe, NM. This appeared on the driver licenses and birth certificates. Top secret was the norm. After the first explosion at Trinity in White Sands, NM and after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the town of Los Alamos was unveiled.

Two other places of interest in town are The Fuller Lodge, which served as the dining hall during the Manhattan Project, and the Los Alamos Historical Museum, which interprets life in this region.

Leaving Los Alamos, we continued on Rte 4 through the Jimez Mountains. The crest is over 9,000 feet. This opens to the Valles Caldera, a twelve-mile diameter caldera left from the volcanic eruptions over one million years ago. The caldera is grassland surrounded by forests and mountains. Continue on through Jemez Pueblo and Rte 550 East. This takes you to Bernalillo and I-25. Going north will take you back to Santa Fe and South to Albuquerque.

John and Maggie Pelley are Geriatric Gypsies. During our travels we have found many different and exciting places. Each town has a story to tell. Both of us enjoy good listening music as we go. John has a CD he has recorded. For pictures, links, and more information visit

Travel by RV and Visit Mexico in a New Way

Travel by RV and Visit Mexico in a New Way

If you and your family are planning a vacation and would like to include beauty and a new culture while keeping costs reasonable, you may want to consider traveling to Mexico by RV. There is no question that the beaches, cities, and people of Mexico offer a uniquely relaxing vacation experience, making it an incredibly popular destination.

The benefits that come with crossing the border in your RV are now better than ever. You are sure to save money especially while traveling along the western coast cities where hotels and resorts are often high priced. You will also save on dining expenses since you have the ability to cook from the comfort of your RV. With the dropping costs of diesel fuel, your gas prices will be lower than you’d expect. You are sure to enjoy the stability of a permanent bed, bathroom, and kitchen, avoiding the need to “live out of your suitcase.” With an RV, you aren’t restrained by a hotel reservation; you can choose spontaneous trips, staying or leaving an area as you want. By staying out of the crowded tourist areas when parking, you will be sure to meet some wonderful local people and experience a side of Mexico you may never see otherwise.

There are a few potential complications that can easily be avoided if you plan ahead and go prepared. Unlike the US, there will not be multiple RV parks in every city, particularly as you venture away from the Pacific Coastal area. You will want to research and download or buy camping maps, RV travel guides, and toll road maps. There are plenty of parks to stay overnight when you know where to find them. When taking your RV to Mexico, you will need to purchase Mexican RV insurance, so shop around and find the best rates before you leave. With a little bit of planning, you’ll find your vacation enjoyable, economical, convenient, and flexible.

The list of beaches, cities, and rural areas you can visit is extensive, but there a few top destinations you might want to look into. If you long for gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, and a full and exciting nightlife, Acapulco is a place for you. To find the highest quality in water sports, fishing, golf, and more, make a stop at Los Cabos. For a glimpse of rich history, culture, and entertainment head to Mexico City. The opportunities are vast when you are vacationing to Mexico in your RV.

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